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I have been with the South Point Vet Hospital for 2 years now. My two cats, namely Simba and Amber, now 17 years old have become regular visitors to the clinic.

After initial testing, their kidneys were failing due to protein intolerance due to their ages. As well as changing their diet to low protein food, dry and wet, they also have liquids intravenously every two weeks to help with their kidney functions. They seem to be doing well with this treatment. I shudder to think what the outcome would have been if Dr. Grubac had not gone down this route or been patient enough to try.

Dr. Grubac is a patient, dedicated and most of all, a good listener that seems to find alternative solutions that one can try to help with my cats' condition. She is all about the animals but is also very compassionate with the owners!!!

I am so happy with this clinic and the efforts of Dr. Grubac and all the staff at the clinic. They always greet you with a smile and cannot do enough to assist wherever needed. They are always taking in animals either found or from the SPCA and endeavor to find homes for them which is not an easy task.

Thank you again to the South Point Vet Hospital for their compassion and generosity towards all animals.

Kind regards,

From an article in the White Rock Sun:

"A true neighbour is one that is there for you in a time of need. The Staff at South Point Pet Hospital epitomize that statement..."


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