South Point Pet Hospital
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Around the Clinic

Check out some pictures of our day to day life here at South Point Pet Hospital!



Some sweet puppies we took care of from HugABull! Those faces!!            Ready for Christmas!




Mama working hard as usual. So helpful!                                                Mama with Santa - she was clearly so happy about it



This handsome cat came to us when he was found on a busy street near

a staff member's home, with no identification. We knew he wasn't a stray -

he was in good health, comfortable with us, and litter trained. We posted

flyers trying to find his owners and luckily we did! He stayed with us for

about a week and we all fell in love with him. We had named him Fergus

while he was here, but it turns out Fergus was really Lenny! We're happy

you're home now Lenny, we miss you (so does Mama cat!) and it was a joy

having you visit us!